A Family History of Clive and Linda Dancey

The journey began in an attempt to understand the origins of a surname which Clive had only encountered amongst relatives. It has led to a more comprehensive record of Clive and Linda's ancestors and will always remain work-in-progress. In the course of this journey, and with the help of many others, we have gained some insight into the lives of our family, discovered stories hidden for many years. Clive has found two other persons with the same Christian and surname as him, and has been introduced posthumously to an Oscar-winning relative. Looking to the future, we hope to continue to extend our knowledge of those with links to all the families from which we are descended and even prove a link to the origins of the Dancey surname as put forward by P.H.Reaney. If you think you can help us or, indeed if we can help you, in researching the past, then please do contact us.

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